Trauma Recovery Program

Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Services for Adults

When the word trauma is mentioned we most often think about physical abuse, sexual abuse or even PTSD. Did you know that there are many forms of trauma that often go untreated? Some of these forms of untreated trauma are a result of emotional abuse, experiencing an accident or witnessing a traumatic event. It can be a result of threats, bullying, and intimidation experienced as a child or in adulthood. Trauma can also be a result of living in a highly stressful family and learning how to cope under very difficult circumstances. Regardless of the type of trauma one may experience, one may be left with a feeling of uncertainty or a lack of control in their life. Generally there is lingering depression or sadness that just doesn’t quite go away.

We developed the trauma recovery program to help participants find safety once again in their lives. Our groups focus on developing skills to help participants feel more grounded and comfortable in their daily life; to relieve the body memories and mental images connected to the trauma and releasing their influence on their current life. This program is designed to help participants reclaim mental, emotional, and physical health, and once again find joy in living!

Participants may begin the trauma recovery programs at anytime once an intake session is completed. The recommended length of stay is a minimum of 8-weeks. Call 520-531-1040 or  520-539-2258 for more information.

What are the signs of trauma?

Individuals with untreated trauma may experience short periods of dissociation, night terrors or even nightmares. Flashbacks to the trauma are common, including body memory of painful experiences, high anxiety, and hypervigilance. Individuals dealing with trauma often avoid common social activities or feel fearful of certain types of people, places, or events.

If you or someone you know is affected by untreated trauma, our program offers hope and provides the care needed to successfully reduce the influence of trauma on one’s life.

The program components

The Partial Hospitalization program (PHP) schedule is individually designed based on each clients specific treatment needs. The schedule is discussed with each client during the intake process and reviewed weekly. Clients will attend the program 5 days a week for a minimum of 5 hours of service each day including a variety of  individual and groups sessions. Services are availalbe Monday through Saturday each week.

The Intensive Outpatient program (IOP) includes three groups each week in addition to one weekly individual session with a therapist. Groups are set and meet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Clients in both PHP and IOP levels of care participate in one-day and three-day retreats at the ranch through our Eco-therapy program. Our eco-therapy program provides opportunities for healing through interactions with the horses and other nature based therapies.

Additionally, each group incorporates education, group process and personal sharing, and stress management techniques. A specific curriculum has been developed to help each participant address the traumatic episodes in a gentle way and establish methods to release their impact on personal functioning. Participants will find the groups supportive and nurturing while experiencing dynamic methods for change, insight, and healing.

Weekly individual sessions with a therapist provide one on one support and give each participant time to address personal concerns in a confidential setting. When appropriate family members are invited into these sessions to further the recovery process.

Program schedule

  • PHP: Individually customized
  • IOP (morning track): Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 9am-noon
  • IOP (afternoon track): Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 1pm-4pm
  • Weekly individual therapy session
  • Monthly Ranch outing including equine assisted learning and ecotherapy

 The Intake Process

To find out more about our specialized program for trauma please contact our main office at (520) 531-1040 or the Intake department at (520) 539-2558.  An intake counselor will schedule your first visit and explain the program to you. Insurance benefits will be check and a start date set.

We look forward to working with you!