Binge Eating Disorder

Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs

Our program for binge eating disorder is a holistic approach designed for individuals who need to lose 30 pounds or more and for individuals who are struggling with issues related to obesity. This is an effective program that combines traditional methods such as diet and exercise with personalized meal planning, individual and group support, energy psychology techniques, and Function First personal training.

The goals of the Binge Eating disorder program are to help you identify the underlying thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that prevent successful and sustainable weight loss, and establish healthy habits that increase your physical, emotional, and mental vitality.

Our approach to recovery is one that promotes lifestyle change which allows you to lose weight at a realistic pace and without gimmicks that stress the body, and at the same time give you the tools needed for lasting and positive changes.

Program Components

  • Nutritional Assessment, Monitoring, and Personalized Meal Planning
  • Individualized Exercise Program
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Group Support
  • Function First personal training sessions
  • Monthly ranch outing including equine assisted learning and ecotherapy

How our program works

The days, time, and duration of the program are selected to accommodate most schedules with minimal disruption to job, school, and family obligations. To begin, you will need to schedule an Intake Session with the intake counselor who will gather background information and your insurance information. Insurance benefits will be checked to determine the level of coverage. If for some reason insurance will not cover the cost of the program then self-pay options will be reviewed with you.

During the intake session you will be provided with details of the program and a start date will be established. You will be asked to provide a doctor’s note indicating that you are medically stable to start the program. This note is required before starting any type of exercise program.

Additionally you will be assigned a dietitian, therapist, and personal trainer who will work with you throughout the program.

  • Participants meet with a nutritionist to address food issues and begin the process of building a better relationship with food. Nutritional support is offered in both  individual sessions and weekly group sessions. Additional activities include personalized meal planning, grocery shopping, and dinner out experiences.
  • Sessions with a therapist are scheduled weekly and you will begin the process of identifying core beliefs and underlying issues associated with weight gain and loss. Specific techniques are employed that get to the source of weight gain enabling you to consciously shift those thoughts and behaviors.
  • Participants work closely with a personal trainer to establish an individualized exercise program that promotes steady weight loss and tones the body. Exercises are geared to increase metabolism to ensure healthy weight loss.

Groups are designed to offer education and support and include Process, Nutrition, Body Image and Movement, and Energy Psychology.

  • Process Group: is facilitated by professional counselors and provides professional guidance in addition to peer support. The focus of these groups is to help you explore underlying issues related to disordered eating and begin envisioning a healthier future.
  • Nutrition Group: offers education plus specific tools for cooking healthier, optimal choices for food selection, and outings to the  grocery store and restaurants.
  • Meal Support: a cornerstone of the program, meal support guides participants in learning how to eat healthy based on a prescribed meal plan. Mindfulness skills are used to help each client rebuild their relationship with food and practice eating in a relaxed and nurturing environment.
  • Body Image and Movement: takes you through gentle movement and breathing exercises to help you become more accepting, aware and comfortable with your body.
  • Energy Psychology Group: gives you an array of grounding, centering, and soothing methods to help control urges and reduce anxiety.               

Program Days and Times:

  • Tuesday & Thursday: 5:00-9:00pm, which includes personal training
  • Saturday, 10am-1pm

For more information please call our office at: 520-531-1040 or to schedule an intake call the Intake department at: 520-539-2558.