Treatment Modalities

At Desert Milagros our treatment modalities for eating disorders, trauma recovery, and mental health are based on an integrative approach to mind-body-spirit healing. You can expect a full spectrum of treatment modalities including traditional therapies and a new generation of therapies in our treatment programs and outpatient services.

Trauma therapies: We treat a range of traumatic experiences from the most severe physical, sexual, and emotional abuse to the more subtle but still damaging “developmental” traumas such as bullying in school or parental criticism or perfectionism. Our trauma progam also address trauma resulting from accidents, injury, and other forms of personal heam. Our treatment methods all address trauma by processing somatically as well as cognitively.

  • Brainspotting: is a new generation of trauma therapy with profound results. There are some similarities to EMDR although the focus is more on the eye position that activates somatic memory leading to a deep emotional processing.
  • Somatic Experiencing: focuses on the body’s experience of the trauma. It is very effective in healing and releasing the memory and emotional charge associated with these experiences. All of our therapists are trained in at least one of these modalities.

DBT and Mindfulness Practices: DBT is a comprehensive system of mindfulness, grounding, and self soothing. A myriad of techniques are including guided imagery, breathing techniques, and well thought out alternatives to self-destructive behaviors. Mindfulness is practiced throughout all of our groups and individual sessions as we encourage clients to become aware of their reactions and how those reactions and emotions feel in the body.

Expressive Arts Therapies: We include a variety of expressive art experiences for a client to explore issues in a way that accesses the subconscious mind. Collage, drawing and painting, sometimes combined with journaling can provide a “picture” of internal feelings and intuitive knowing. Expressive movement promotes body awareness and a felt sense of emotions in the body. Psychodrama is rich in providing understanding of personal relational issues, family dynamics, and one’s own sense of personal power.

Nutritional Support: We offer Nutritional counseling and support throughout our programs and are committed to helping each person reach a level of wellness that can be enhanced through improved nutrition. Balance nutrition provides mental and emotional stability as well as physical wellness. Our dietitians are skilled at working with your particular food preferences and needs.

Equine Assisted Learning and Ecotherapy: We provide opportunities within the therapeutic process to experience the benefits of nature therapy to enhance personal growth and awareness. Direct contact with nature can increase mental health and psychological well-being. Benefits include stress reduction, a sense of coherence and belonging, improved self-confidence and self-discipline. Being in nature can also bestow a sense of connectedness, meaning, and purpose. The ecotherapy program at Desert Milagros includes nature walks, out-door experiences, animal assisted psychotherapy, and other nature based interventions. Our nature or ecotherapy programare offered in three formats; 7-day Intensives, Weekend Intensives, and  A Day at the Ranch. All three programs occur at the Equinox and Pandora ranches in Southern Arizona. Participants have the benefit of a 50 acre horse ranch where they can unplug from the demands of urban life and enjoy the healing properties of nature.

Mind Body Therapies: The connection between the mind and body can have a profound effect on healing. Mood, attitude, and belief can greatly impact one’s emotional and mental health and the mind/ body therapies offered at Desert Milagros are designed to enhance the mind’s positive impact on the body and offer useful and easy methods to improve one’s mental and emotional health. Included in the care we offer are techniques such as: Meditation & Mindfulness , Yoga, Body Image Restoration, Guided Imagery, Breathing and Relaxation techniques. Each of these techniques can be easily incorporated into daily life and can help provide a positive focus during challenging times.

Energy Psychology Techniques: Clients are taught a wide variety of well researched Energy Psychology Techniques for self care. These techniques all address the energy systems and the natural rhythms of the mind and body. The benefits include grounding and centering and better focus and concentration. In the process anxiety, fear, and depression can be significantly lowered.

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an internationally recognized technique for working with a problem and lowering the anxiety or emotional charge.
  • TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) also serves this purpose and includes forgiveness and reframing a negative belief.
  • Brain Gym exercises and balances are grounding and centering and improve focus and concentration.
  • NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) is used to reinforce or “anchor” a soothing image or feeling.
  • Psych-K uses “balances” to shift subconscious resistance to a new positive belief such as “I am recovering”. Clients often report the benefits of having this “tool kit” of self soothing and empowering techniques.


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