Therapists at Desert Milagros are licensed professionals trained in various treatment modalities that address each issue from a holistic perspective.

Faith Suaso, Ph.D. , LPC, Executive Director

Dr. Suaso helped establish Desert Milagros in 2010 and has dedicated her career to providing programs and services that address the interconnecting relationship between mind, body, and spirit. She is a licensed professional therapist and has a doctorate in psychology with an emphasis in spirituality and consciousness studies. Dr. Suaso has worked for some of the leading treatment facilities in addiction, eating disorder and mental health recovery. Today she oversees program development and the daily operations of Desert Milagros.


Kim Lindley, MA, LPC, Clinical Director

Kim graduated from the University of Alaska with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and has worked in the behavioral health field for over 20 years. Kim specializes in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Trauma recovery. She has a passion for helping people in their journey towards wellness and believes in treating the whole person. Her goal is helping each person find strategies that work and building on the inner strength within each person. She facilitates groups in the Mental Health and Trauma Recovery programs.

Kim is the Clinical Director at Desert Milagros and guides the treatment team ensuring that the best treatment options are available for every client.


Peggy Delgadillo, Ph.D., M.A.

Peggy Delgadillo, Ph.D., has a doctorate in Psychology, an M.A. in Anthropology, and various teaching credentials. She has experience working with at risk adolescents at the junior high and high school level. Dr. Delgadillo’s specializations are expressive art therapy and equine assisted psychotherapy. She holds a certificate from EAGALA, the world-wide teaching organization for equine assisted psychotherapy.  Dr. Delgadillo helps facilitate groups in our equine assisted learning program combining her work in expressive art and human/horse relationships.


Rami Katz, MA, LPC, Therapist

Rami Katz, Joyologist, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, international teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, practitioner and guide in self-healing. Rami has practiced her skills at Cottonwood de Tucson, Miraval, and the Life Unlimited program in Kenya, a transformational safari experience. She has also taught and conducted workshops on three continents.

In her work she combines the great wisdom of East and West, from her study with great masters. Rami shares simple tools for living a joyful, healthy life. Her philosophy is that we have access to our joy, love, vitality and power to meet life’s challenges and to be victorious. With intention and attention we can minimize old self-destructive patterns of thinking and behaving by accessing our wisdom and experience of freedom to be our authentic Self, gaining clarity and peace of mind.

Rami teaches mindfulness, engery psychology and stress reduction techniques throughout our programs.


Katherine Crawford, BA , Personal Trainer

Katherine is a certified personal trainer holding advanced certifications in Corrective Exercise and Weight Management, emphasizing functional movement, through the National Academy of Sport Medicine. As a personal trainer, Katherine assists clients in regaining range of motion, improving life impairments through emphasizing integrated whole body movements, balance and coordination, leading to better stability and mobility. At Desert Milagros, Katherine works with all age groups throughout the various treatment programs.

Katherine obtained her BA from the University of Washington. She holds the following certifications:

  • CPT: American Council on Exercise
  • CES: National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • WLS: National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • CAFS: Gray Institute
  • COS: American Council on Exercise


Celeste Rodriguez, RD  Dietitian

At Desert Milagros, Celeste works with clients in the eating disordered programs providing individual and group nutrition sessions. She has a special interest in helping clients find food solutions that work for them and is supportive of their recovery process. Celeste also provides nutritional counseling and support for clients throughout our Mental Health and Trauma programs that need assistance with their nutritional needs.


Kresta Cutcher, MS, LAC, Therapist

Kresta received her Master of Science degree in counseling from Prescott College. She works with clients in the Eating Disorder program facilitating group and individual sessions. She takes an active role in program development to ensure that services are the best possible for our clients including mindfulness practicies, body image restoration, and body/mind therapies.


Jessi Antle, MS, Therapist

Jessi graduated from Prescott College with a Masters degeree in counseling. Jessi coordinates services in our Adult Mental Health program and provides group and individual therapy for those dealing with anxiety, depression, and Bi-polar symptoms. She has a special interest in DBT and body/mind therapies and brings these skills into her work with clients.


Phillip Pasena, MS, Therapist

Phillip graduated form Prescott College with a Masters degree in counseling. Phillip coordinates services for our Teen Programs and facilitates individual and group therapy for clients dealing with anxiety, depression, and bi-polar disorder. Phillip has a special interest in Attachment/Bonding therapies and uses this knowledge to help clients move forward in their recovery process.


Andrea Hickey, MS, Therapist

Andrea facilitates group therapy in our eating disorder program for teens.


Julie Kotelman, Billing and Contracts Manager

Julie manages all billing and contract issues for Desert Milagros. She helps clients understand their insurance benefits and navigate the authorization process. Julie also coordinates payment plans for self-pay clients.


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